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Frequently Asked Questions

What time is your happy hour?

Our happy hour takes place between 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Tuesday through Sunday

Yes, absolutely! Pruneyard Cinemas and the Cedar Room is part of the same establishment, and anything you order in the Cedar Room can be taken to your seat in the theater.

Yes! If you can’t find a drink you want on the Cinema menu, you may order it in the Cedar Room and take it to your seat in the theater. If you anticipate wanting a specialty cocktail from the Cedar Room, we suggest coming early to your movie so you have time to visit the Cedar Room and get your drinks before the movie starts.

We add a mandatory 20% service charge for groups of 6 or more, guests who are attending Queen Bingo, and patrons who are ordering food and drinks before attending a movie or event next door in the Cinema. We list this policy on both sides of our menu, which you can view here. If you aren’t sure that your order will have the service charge added to it, please ask a bartender for clarification.

Yes, please bring a valid ID with you whenever you visit us and be ready to produce it if asked. We do not permit anyone under the age of 21 in the bar after 8:00 pm. Most of our live performances start at 8:00 pm, so please plan accordingly.

Regretfully, we don’t have enough space in the Cedar Room for our customers and members of the public at the same time. Our table and counter seating is reserved for Cedar Room guests buying food or drinks, with a two item minimum purchase required. While we are happy to see so many people express enthusiasm for live music, you will need to move from a table or seat if you aren’t planning on making a purchase from our menu. Please plan accordingly.

No, not at all. Queen Bingo and Speakeasy Night are first come, first served events and don’t require a ticket or reservation. We recommend arriving early to make sure you can get seating.

Yes, we have specially curated drink for many of our event nights. Stop by and see what we’re serving! You can also check out our Instagram page to see what our unique cocktails look like when our bartenders make them.

We do not accept reservations for our Queens of Campbell event. We accept reservations for other nights on a case-by-case basis for at least 8 or more people. If you’re interested in booking a reservation with us, send a message to the Cedar Room Events email address listed on the contact page.

We do not have separate spaces or rooms for private events held in the Cedar Room. For groups that want an exclusive space closed off to the public, call or send us a message using our contact form and we can give you more information about booking a private event with us.

We generally require at least two weeks notice before the date of your event to make sure we can fully prepare and provide you with the best experience.